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Here is information for patients which we have written

X-rays and scans

Although scans and x-rays are popular

for back pain, they do not often show what the source of the pain is. 

Download leaflet here.

Back pain in office workers


Back pain in office workers is very

common due to prolonged sitting, poor posture, stiffness and stress.  

Download leaflet here. 

Exercise and back pain

Exercise and movement are great for back pain however there are certain activities which are better for backs.

Download leaflet here.

Help! I've hurt my back

What can you do when you have heart your back? How can you help yourself feel better?

Download leaflet here.

Medication & Back pain


What medication does Mr. O'Dowd recommend for back pain? What about painkillers and anti-infammatories? 

Download leaflet here. 

Neuroscience & Back pain


Would you like to know more about chronic pain? How does the brain and the nervous system contribute to pain? 

Download leaflet here. 

Meditation & Back pain


Can meditation help with back pain? 

What about the stress vs. relaxation response?

Download leaflet here. 

Stress & Back pain

Can stress contribute to back pain? What is the stress response and how do our bodies react to stress?

Download leaflet here. 

What to remember/key tips



What are the key warning signs of a

serious back issue? What are the key tips for back pain?

Download leaflet here. 

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